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You Want to Start Medical Practice? Read the steps – Outsourcing the medical billing company

Outsourcing the medical billing company, To become a medical practitioner requires a lot of educational expenses and many years of practice. Most of the new healthcare providers opt to do jobs in the Hospitals. Rendering services to any healthcare institute may offer you fixed remuneration. It isn’t easy to decide to join some organization or set up your business entity.

Being a healthcare practitioner can be an exciting step to start your healthcare entity. Before commencing your medical business, you will face primary challenges.

Preliminary Challenges and business planning

For starting a business, a healthcare practitioner can face primary challenges. Some of the discussible challenges are mentioned below.

Create a timeline

Initial Business Planning is a primary challenge yet rewarding afterward. Creating a timeline is the first step towards other business objectives, ideas, and plans. A timeline is a specific time frame to decide your goals, vision, mission, finances, and other necessary objectives. It is decided how much time will be required to set up and run your business. In most cases, a 6-month timeline is set to complete the initial setup; the same is set to start and run the business, whereas 5 to 6 years are decided for loan paybacks. You should strictly follow the timeline once it is decided.

Decide Objectives/ Vision and mission.

The healthcare professionals plan to open a healthcare institute, not for business purposes but sole or group healthcare practicing. To start a healthcare business requires a business mind concerned with finances and practice management. Besides business goals, you should also decide your personal goals. Personal and business goals must be the same.

Define the vision and mission of the business. An impressive vision and mission statement is also a way to attract both patients and other institutions.

Financial Planning (Budgeting)

How to arrange finances?

Financial Planning and Budgeting are among the core requirements for starting any business.

Financial Budgeting involves two types of budgeting 1. Lending 2. Personal finance

Lending/ Financing

A few people start their business from personal finance because it is difficult to arrange funds in huge quantities, especially for healthcare providers who have completed their degrees with student loans. One of the reasons for failure is being under-capital. Availing lending facilities from banks and other financing companies can be a good option. Commercial banks usually decline loan applications of doctors with zero assistance. But other financial institutions like US small Business administration lend money to the startups as well.

Personal Finance

If you have enough personal finance, you can start a business.

Combination of personal finance and Loan

You can also arrange the money by adding your personal finance with a loan to fulfill your financial needs. It would be best if you adopted the manageable options.

How many finances are required for your setup?

Setting up a business needs building (Owned or rented), furniture, office equipment, hospital supplies, working capital, etc. You have to make feasibilities and estimates of how much you need to set up your business. It is suggested that you should get a loan more than you need and keep some money for unseen needs.

Entity Setup

Setting up an entity is a complicated task. It involves the following steps.


Finding the right attorney is one of the essential steps. An efficient attorney helps you with Tax payments and other legal issues. An attorney can also help you in employee contract reviews, lease agreements, your liability to lawsuits.

Employer’s identification number.

After getting the right attorney, you need to apply for the employer identification number. EIN is the identification of your business used for the Federal Taxes.

Accounting Section

You can hire accounting staff or choose a trusted accounting firm to look after your finances.

Obtain Financing

Finance is the most critical factor in starting or running every setup. After deciding how much finances are required and how it will be arranged. The second step is to arrange the finances. If you have planned to obtain the finances from a bank or financial institute, apply for the loan, otherwise obtain it from personal resources like inheritance or borrowing from family or friends.

Practice name and registration of Practice Name

Decide on an attractive practice name with a suitable meaning and register it with the Federal and local governments.

Determine Organizational Structure

Determining the organizational structure is also essential to run a complete entity. Organizational structure decides the workflow of the business.

Tax Identification Certification (Registration)

To start and smoothly run a business, you must get registered with Federal, state, or local Tax offices. Obtaining a Tax identification number is a significant part of your business.

Sales Tax Identification

In some states, operating a business entity is entirely free. Whereas in some states, a business must have sales tax registration. Knowing the states where registration in Sales Tax is mandatory is also essential. If your business’s geographical location makes it, it is necessary to obtain a Sales Tax Identification Number. Commence the procedure as soon as your business has been started


Never miss the credentialing process of you and your team. Your personal credentialing, as well as credentialing of your business, is equally important. Enroll yourself in Medicare and Medicaid services. Enrollment with private insurance providers is a plus point to manage your revenue cycles right from the start of the medical business. Try to credential with leading insurance companies. It may take months to get complete credentialing.

Set Up Bank Accounts

Initially, you can start setting up from one business account number. Later on, with the increase in business, the account numbers may also increase.


The location of the healthcare entity is quite essential. Selecting the right, approachable location for your healthcare institute is a tough decision. While deciding about the location of your entity, you must keep the following points in your mind.

  1. It should be in a populated area.
  2. Easily approachable. Decide the location of your business that is connected to more than one road.
  3. Many practices failed because they remained unable to attract patients because of their location.
  4. The highly approachable location that can attract new patients is always expensive.

It is always challenging for business startups to buy a building for their institute in a prime


Don’t buy; go on rent.

Remain on rent until your business is turned into a profitable entity.

Share the space

A commercial space shared with another practitioner can be more practical than solely buying or renting a place.

Decorate your organization

Good decoration of your institution is an essential aspect of attracting more patients. A proper décor (Chairs, wall hangings, visitor area decors, proper furniture, Hospital equipment, etc.) can put a good first impression on the patients and their attendants.

Right Staff; Right roles

Human resourcing is the most critical factor in starting or running a business. It would be best to employ the right staff for the right roles. The staff includes doctors, nurses, paramedical, accounting and audit staff, administrative and housekeeping staff. Is it essential to decide how you can motivate and incentivize your staff? How you can motivate them to remain in your organization. It is less costly to hire a mixture of Human resources, e.g., new, experienced staff and outsourcing a section of your organization. Avoid under-staffing and overstaffing both. Under-staffing will disturb your necessary tasks, whereas overstaffing can become a financial burden, especially for startups. Outsourcing the medical billing company can resolve the staffing issue.

 Attracting more Patients

Your prime focus is Patient. Being a healthcare entity, your practice business, revenue cycles, and accounts receivables depend on the number of patients visiting the institute. Proper diagnosis, tests, procedures, and prescriptions result in a satisfied customer. A satisfied customer is the critical marketer of your business and a revenue generator also. After getting proper treatment, he will refer other patients from his surroundings, family, and friends.

Consulting Fee

At the start, keep your consultation fee low. People visit those newly operational healthcare entities to save money.

Keep the view above, and it is exciting and tiring to work alone to run a business. Out souring maximum of your overhead staff except for doctors, nurses, and paramedical staff can save your money.



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