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Wildlife Sanctuaries In Dandeli Tourism

Dandeli Tourism – Karnataka is the world-famous and India’s richest state when it comes to wildlife. Do you want to experience the wildlife sanctuary and adventure flora and fauna of this place? Karnataka Dandeli Tourism is considered the home to more than 20 wildlife sanctuaries. This is the place that is delighted with photographers, wildlife lovers, and enthusiasts. There you can see the range of wild animals like the tiger, elephant, the leopard, and many more. This city attracts lots of visitors worldwide. The place is blessed with the finest regions that bring more and more people to this place every year.

Here are some of the finest wildlife sanctuaries you should visit in Dandeli – (Dandeli Tourism)

  • Bandipur National Park: This national park is the most popular place in the Dandeli, which is located on the Mysore-Ooty highway. It is a part of India’s biggest biosphere reserve where you can visit with your family and friends. The place is surrounded by natural beauty. Here you can see the spectacular landscapes and the Bengal tiger. Apart from these, you can also see the animals like sambhar, tiger, chital, sloth bear, mouse deer, and panther.
  • Bannerghatta National Park: This is another national park of Dandeli, which is just 22 km away from Bangalore. This is an amazing park where you can visit o your family and friends. This Biological park attracts tourists from India and outside the country. There you can explore the wildlife sanctuaries and get the natural vibe that you can’t get in the cities.
  • Dandeli wildlife sanctuary: One of the best-known wildlife sanctuaries where people visit twice and thrice. This is worth visiting Dandeli and staying in the panther stay resort Dandeli. This should be in the top list place for wildlife lovers. The place is special for its natural beauty. Here you can explore several wildlife species such as tigers, elephants, leopards, gaur, and langur with black panthers and many more. Does anyone want to get a thrilling experience? This is considered the second top sanctuary in Karnataka. Come and take a look at this place and meet with the wildest desire. You can make a pleasant stay at this place and make fun with your partner.
  • Nagarhole National Park: This is located in the Nilgiri mountain range. Want to explore the finest park of Karnataka? This reserve is known for its dense tiger population and many more adventure. Want to stay at this place to explore the wildlife or nature and trekking? Come and spend your days and a few nights with your family and friends. It is worth visiting this place and spending your hard-earned money.

Apart from that there are so many more places but wait before that it’s time to check the panther stay resort Dandeli and hotels for booking your rooms.



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