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Why Custom Box Printing is an Absolute Necessity for Beauty Brands?

Custom Box Printing, After putting lengthy efforts and thought into creating the perfect cosmetic products, your brand needs to recover through achieving the target sales target. Creative box printing is a true companion in this in many ways.

How can your brand grow exponentially?

There are dozens of ways that you can expand your business and make it grow. Some might work while some may end in trial and error. A few of them might even surpass the competition for good.

We are talking about personalized cosmetic boxes here. There is good enough reason for your brand to either switch to custom-made boxes or opt for them in the first instance itself. You don’t have to believe us in determining just how significant the boxes are for customer satisfaction. We have some customer polls results to shed clear light on the topic.

  1. 61% of customers say that they find the branded packaging to be more exciting than the actual product ordered.
  2. 68% of buyers admit to being more focused on the brand appeal radiated through the boxes.
  3. 2 out of 3 customers say that they prefer gift-like packaging with their purchases.
  4. 40% of customers say that they are more likely to return to the brand when they get branded boxes.

These stats would surely convince you of the branded cosmetic boxes’ worth. When in doubt, one can go-through the industry dynamics to understand why some businesses perform better than others. It majorly has to do with their packaging appeal.

Especially in the beauty business, everything has a strong visual effect. Be it the effects the product promises or how the brand is perceived by customers, all combine to create the brand image. The more unique your brand identity is, the better the brand loyalty will be.

Building your cosmetic boxes – Custom Box Printing

Once you are convinced of the role of the custom beauty boxes, the next phase is to start creating them. But what can work for one brand might not work for everyone! Different products and even brand values have different branding needs.

When considering to use personalized packaging for your beauty products, it is vital to know of the varied functions every component performs and the effects they have on expanding brand awareness.

One: the stock paper

No matter how good the boxes look, they have to be built strongly for them to be able to hold and store sensitive beauty items for as long as their shelf lives at least. Moreover, frequent shipping exposes the boxes to possible damages.

When creating the boxes, the foremost task is to pick the most appropriate high-quality materials. Reusable corrugated and cardboard stock are extremely popular. They provide the required strength and flexibility while being eco-friendly. They more than work for enticing better customer retention via:

  • Assuring the product safety
  • Present the products in different appearances and shapes
  • Reflecting responsible brand values
  • Reduced accidents and improved on-time deliveries.

Two: custom box printing

Use the boxes to give a pleasant and spottable identity to your brand. Every inch of the box has the power to reflect true branding components including the brand logo, name, and graphics pertaining to the specific brand image.

Customers don’t just stop by and take a closer look at the boxes but also retain the brand image for future purchases. This is how the most popular brands like Dior have remained in customer demand for many decades.

Additionally, custom printing options enhance the box appeal to make the boxes more prominent and highly luminous among rivals. This helps to introduce the brand to new customers, retain existing ones, and expand customer demographics. Remember to put in your signature brand features like colors, illustrations, and messages so customers can recall the brand story every time they see your branded boxes.

Three: follow the latest designs

With a massive variety of beauty brands, customers find it difficult to remember every single custom printed shipping boxes they come across. Following the industry trends is very important as they are a reflection of the current customer preferences.

Without custom-made beauty boxes, brands would find it hard to merge with customer expectations. For example, meeting the latest minimal design trend. The boxes can look regal with monotone colors while including all the relevant brand info on the inside box panels.

Apple has been spotting such branding for over some time and has been successful in captivating strong customer interest. Another strong box feature is creating custom locks and branded seals. It creates a powerful vibe around the brand while securing the contents for shipping. Customers love opening boxes that are crafted with offbeat features.

Four: put forth engaging content – 

Your boxes have the means to reach directly to customers and this is why they have been touted as one of the most effective branding gadgets.

Creative boxes engross customers whether at retail stores or delivered through e-shopping. The texts and graphics printed on the boxes can truly represent the brand favorable. From picking stylish fonts and effects to using 3D illustrations, everything can speak positively of the brand values.

Buyers appreciate the unboxing procedure when the boxes are printed with personalized content at surprising box spots. Welcome and thank you notes along with promotional coupons work to form a compelling shopping experience that customers would want to repeat frequently.

The after-effects

It is vital that you realize the worth of your boxes to spell them out for your target audience. If you think that your brand is ready to get into the competition like a pro, then you have to adapt to custom box printing techniques.

The good news is that you don’t have to empty your pockets for improving your beauty packaging. Cosmetic businesses can get their boxes customized no matter their size or products. So you can have your cake and eat it too!


Now you must be convinced of getting custom printing for radiating brand awareness. It is like getting the best marketing tool without being limited by finances.



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