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Top 5 Crypto Trading Apps in India

Crypto trading is becoming a popular and trustworthy choice among Indian traders and investors. To everyone’s shock, India emerged as one of the top crypto adopting nations globally. The bullish trend in crypto throughout 2021 with potentially sky-high returns and ever-increasing inflation rates have amazingly boosted people’s interest in digital currency. Moreover, the new crypto taxation rules are the Indian government’s first big step towards crypto acceptance. These factors make it a perfect time to enter the crypto world and start trading. But just like the right tools are required to perform the right jobs, good crypto trading apps are necessary to perform crypto trading strategies successfully. 

With the increasing crypto-popularity, the crypto market has become flooded with numerous crypto trading apps that can overwhelm beginners in choosing the right one to start.

We have shortlisted the best ones below so that you choose the right crypto trading apps with utmost ease. All these selected apps for crypto trading in India have passed through strict parameters and high customer experience standards.


WazirX started its journey as a crypto exchange in 2018. It comes under one of the biggest crypto trading apps in the world, named Binance group. Due to this, it holds the advantage of facilitating a zero-fee cross-platform transfer between WazirX and Binance. It has a strong establishment on various social media platforms. However, sometimes its app fails to cope with the high trading traffic and crashes. WazirX charges a 0.2% fee on each crypto trade value. Its native cryptocurrency named ‘WRX’ is available to buy in INR. 


Flitpay is one of the most popular crypto trading apps in India. It was launched in 2017 with a vision to penetrate cryptocurrency into the lives of Indians. With a simple and efficient user interface, Flitpay is the first choice of users among all beginner-friendly crypto trading apps. A smartly developed and one-of-a-kind practice account of Flitpay helps users learn crypto trading in realistic market dynamics without jeopardizing their actual investments. Its instant KYC feature offers a hassle-free onboarding process. Flitpay uses cold wallet storage for most of its registered tokens to prevent them from cyber-attacks and frauds.

Flitpay is the only crypto exchange that offers customer support via Whatsapp and the Telegram for its technologically challenged customers. Its instant withdrawal and deposit feature facilitates a smooth transaction experience for crypto traders. Not just this, it provides a quick buy and sells facility with zero fees. Users can earn a 50% commission through its refer and earn feature every time their friends make a transaction through the app. In short, if you are looking for completely transparent, reliable, and user-friendly apps for crypto trading in India, Flitpay is the best option.

Coin switch Kuber

The third name on our list of top crypto trading apps is Coinswitch Kuber. It launched in 2017, followed by a crypto exchange app in June 2020. Coin switch Kuber is widely known for its simplicity and educational content related to cryptocurrency trading. A staggering number of trading pairs is another key attraction of Coin switch Kuber. It charges a transaction fee of up to 0.49% that users need to pay for every crypto transaction. Anyone can trade on Coinswitch Kuber once they complete their KYC verification.


Zebpay is one of the oldest apps for crypto trading in India. It is a Singapore-based crypto exchange launched in 2015. Its India headquarter is located in Ahmedabad. Like Flitpay, Zebpay also stores most of its registered tokens in cold wallets to secure user information. Zebpay charges a membership fee of 0.0001 BTC monthly, and 1.77% is charged on net banking while trading on Zebpay. 


Whether you are a newbie or an experienced crypto trader, you must have seen or heard about CoinDCX. It is also based out of Singapore and launched in 2018. CoinDCX’s India headquarter is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It offers a lower trading fee which is compensated indirectly by charging approx. 0.001 BTC on a BTC withdrawal. This withdrawal fee is 60% above the industry average. Users can find an immense range of coins for trading and good liquidity for a large number of trading pairs on CoinDCX. However, it does not provide a practise account to its users. 


India is experiencing a crypto boom that has created an unprecedented scope for young people to invest and grow their portfolios. The restrictive and poorly streamlined investment modes have significantly helped in a smooth shift of Indian investors toward crypto trading. When it comes to choosing the right apps for crypto trading in India, there are a bunch of criteria to consider. However, a customer-friendly and transparent modulus Operandi of your crypto trading apps is the most critical factor in avoiding fraud and dissatisfaction.  



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