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Top 10 best SEO tools every digital marketer should check out

Top 10 best SEO tools every digital marketer should check out

If you are a digital marketer or digital marketing enthusiast and want to explore more about SEO tools and how you can utilize them, you have come to the perfect place.

Digital marketing strategy helps you create a good SEO strategy and determine how to increase the website’s traffic.

An abundance of equipment is readily available on the market for SEO. Still, we are giving you the top tools that almost 70% of digital marketing experts use for their SEO strategy.

Top 10 best SEO tools every digital marketer should check out:

  1. Google Keyword Planner
  2. Google Analytics
  3. Google Search Console
  4. Uber suggest
  5. Ahrefs free SEO tools
  6. Semrush free SEO tools
  7. Website SEO Checker
  8. GT Metrix
  9. Answer the Public
  10. Bing Webmaster tools
  1. Google Keyword Planner:

Keyword planner from Google Ads is famous for finding the search volume for any keywords. Keyword planner is one of the tools to find the competition for the keyword and the CPC of that particular keyword.

Google keyword planner makes a good amount of value towards the keyword finding and keyword optimization process in the SEO strategy.

One of the great advantages of a keyword planner is finding similar interest keywords and filtering keywords with your website domain.

  • Google Analytics:

Google Analytics provides real-time statistical data and analyzes the web pages for search engine optimization and marketing purposes.

Google Analytics is also a free service providing that helps small businesses to understand the data, facts, and figures easily and start operating in a way that would benefit their company straightforwardly.

But there are also more advanced features available for those who want to explore more, and for that purpose, a particular fee is charged.

  • Google Search Console:

Google Search Console also is a free-to-use service provided by Google where you can find which queries of the users bring them to your website. You can monitor, examine, analyze, and optimize all the content available on your website using the Google Search Console.

Google Search Console is one of the leading SEO tools to monitor the real-time data, facts, and figures about your business website.

The majority of the digital marketing experts rely on this tool to find out more about the SEO data, facts, and figures of their service domains.

  • Ubersuggest:

All the digital marketing experts running the blog and article services are more likely to use this tool to get a high rank on the search engine with the help of the content.

Ubersuggest offers three free keyword searches in a day, making it difficult to find the ideal keyword for their niche. Now coming to the point, ubersuggest is the tool where you can find the keywords search volume and the SEO difficulty to rank that keyword into the web pages of search engine.

Ubersuggest by Neil Patel has a premium version, where the users can enable more than three keyword searches in a day.

  • Ahrefs Free SEO Tools:

Ahrefs Free SEO tools are the one-stop to get it all, but the one issue is that only three searches are available in Ahrefs free SEO tools.

Ahrefs provides various SEO tools that could help you do your best practices according to your SEO strategy. All the tools one can need to do SEO best practices can be found in the Ahrefs free SEO tools.

This product is also available in a premium edition to help you with your digital marketing and SEO strategies.

  • Semrush free SEO Tools:

Semrush is an impressive SEO tool that would impress you with the options and features to implement your SEO strategies. As we know, if you want to attract the user to your website, the most important thing you would need is the keyword strategy, and semrush’s keyword magic tool helps you find the ideal keyword for your website domain.

Semrush also helps you with your domain overview, traffic analytics, organic research, keyword gap, backlink gap, keyword review, etc.

With these tools of Semrush, you can find the competitor’s strategies and where you are lacking in achieving your SEO strategy.

Competitor research tool will help you find real-time data, facts, and figures about the competitor’s domain.

  • Website SEO Checker:

Website SEO checker is a superior tool that provides average tools for beginners who want to start with SEO tools. The user interface and simplicity explain everything to new users who wish to start with digital marketing. I know here we are talking about the tools for the digital marketing experts, but this tool is also one of the great ways to succeed with your SEO best practices easily since it is free to use and deliver the best it can for the users.

If you are teaching someone about digital marketing and SEO, you can recommend this tool to beginners to thrive and deliver the best in every possible way.

  • GTmetrix:

GTmetrix is a tool that helps to find out broken links, page errors, suspicious toxic links, damaged files, etc.

In the waterfall of GTmetrix, you can find and fix HTML, CSS, JS, images, videos related issues in your website domain.

With the help of GTmetrix, you can learn about page speed, structure, and the performance of your website domain with ease.

There is also a compare option available to compare your website domain with your competitors.

  • Answer the Public:

This is a great tool to get more ideas around one keyword and find relevant topics.

Most content writers and digital marketing use these SEO best practices to rank their web pages in the search engine.

Answer the public tool provides from A to Z search possibilities that help users to understand the keyword optimization better and build the strategy around it. Also, there is a premium version available for those who want to explore more about keyword research optimization.

  1. Bing Webmasters tools:

Bing webmaster tools are also a popular service provider that helps digital marketing experts achieve their SEO strategies goals.

Bing webmaster tools provide your website dashboard, SEO tools, reporting tools, diagnostic tools, communication tools, etc.

In SEO tools, keyword research, SEO report, site scan, an overview of domain tools are available for you. You can submit URLs and check the search performance in the tools.


Digital marketing is the process that gives results in a long period, so the pros advise it of this industry that works constantly, and the result will come but do not work only for the result that you would like to achieve. Here are the best tools we have provided in this article that all the digital marketing experts use to achieve their SEO strategies.



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