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Spain adds 74,368 new cases of coronavirus and 183 deaths; incidence drops to 2,420

The latest coronavirus figures confirm the decline of the sixth wave. Health has notified 74,368 new cases this Thursday compared to 86,222 yesterday. The accumulated incidence  in 14 days per 100,000 inhabitants (yesterday, 2,564.27).

Hospital pressure continues to decline gently, to 13.59% of beds occupied by Covid, a figure that rises to 20.63% of ICU beds (yesterday, 13.96% and 21.34%, respectively). .

Deaths in the last seven days have risen to 809 , a new maximum of the sixth wave, although it should be noted that this data is underreported, so there will be many more when it is updated.

To the global count of deaths, 183 deaths have been added since the previous day, up to a total of 94,040 confirmed deaths throughout the pandemic in Spain.

The transmission figures are also reduced when observing the weekly incidence, which has dropped to 2,420.63 cases, when a day ago they were 2,564.27. The autonomous communities are following different systems and update rates to report cases, so great uncertainty remains about this data, within the clear downward trend of recent days.

Two of the most populated communities, Andalusia and Madrid, have reported more cases than yesterday, while Catalonia has registered much less, but surely it is about fluctuations in the update rates that do not reflect the real situation of the epidemic and will not affect the general downward trend, which seems already consolidated throughout Spain despite the uncertainty in the data.


In fact, the hospital occupancy figures also already reflect the decrease: there are 17,012 Covid patients in Spanish hospitals, a figure that includes the positives who have been admitted for another ailment and that yesterday rose to 17,441. The relief is due to the fact that, as in previous days, there have been many more registrations (2,195) than admissions (1,722)

1,722 people remain in intensive care, a figure that is still high, but significantly lower than the 1,830 the day before and, above all, far from the 4,836 patients who were in the ICU just a year ago, when the campaign for vaccination. Now, on the other hand, more than 22 million people already have a booster dose.

It should also be noted that transmission is falling in all age groups, also in the group under 11 years of age, which has been where it has cost the most to break the sixth wave and which still suffers from an incidence of 4,569.63. 55.2% of children between five and 11 years old have at least one dose of the vaccine in Spain.

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