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Sniffer High Whisky – Sniffer High Rum

Sniffer High Brings You the Best Alcoholic Beverages – How to Enjoy Them to The Fullest

Some like their drinks with water, while others prefer it neat. With the number of consumers in the world numbering in billions, when it comes to alcoholic drinks it would be safe to say that there are some weird recipes too.

But it’s not only how you have your drink that matters. Since the drink itself tinkers with your senses and taste buds it has a major role to play in the first place.

Sniffer High, with years of experience in the alcohol industry backing us up, offers you the right balance of taste, smoothness and blend in its products. From the fruity Sniffer High Vodka to the flavorful Rum, get yourself a bottle today!

How Should You Drink Alcohol?

Any alcoholic beverage, especially the expensive ones have a decorum that has to be maintained when consuming. One cannot just open a bottle and start chugging.

Different types of alcoholic drinks have separate ways of how they are to be consumed. Likewise, there are also things such as the choice of the right glass, the temperature of the water (if you’re diluting), and so on.

Here are some of the most popular products offered by us and how they are best consumed.

Sniffer High Whisky

With high-quality ingredients blended in the right proportions in wooden caskets, the Sniffer High Whiskey is one of the best Indian whiskeys you’d ever have. It has certain features about it that you may not find in any other Indian Whiskey, owing to its ingredients and making process.

Whiskey is a drink widely popular among the global men population, and something like the kind that Sniffer High has created is best enjoyed when shared with your fellow gentlemen.

Here is how you can enjoy Sniffer High Whiskey even better:

  • Pour the drink into the preferred whiskey glass of your choice and take a sniff before anything. Every whiskey, including that of Sniffer High, has an aroma that you must feel before taking the first sip.
  • Taking in hard liquor raw isn’t for everyone, however, we do encourage you to take the first sip without water. That way, you’ll get the full experience of what we offer.
  • The amount of whiskey depends on your discretion, but the average peg is 30 ml. You might also want to drop an ice cube in the glass.

Sniffer High Rum

If there’s one thing that is most popularly carried in mountain trips or those to colder locations, it’s Rum. Sniffer High knows your sentiments when it comes to this drink, and therefore makes it with utmost care and quality ingredients.

Here is how you can enjoy Sniffer High Rum even better:

  • Rum, unlike whiskey, is not that hard, but certain brands offer up 45% alcohol by volume or higher. Sniffer High, maintaining the standards here in India has kept it at 42.8%. So you can take it both neat, or with a little water or ice cubes.
  • Another way to have Rum is to mix it with a cocktail or some of the common drink recipes you may have at home. Just make sure to maintain the right amounts of ingredients, and you have a unique drink of your own to flaunt.

Sniffer High Vodka

While the Russians probably have some of the best Vodka available on Earth, there are a few notable brands here in India as well. Sniffer High Vodka, with the special triple distillation technique, is sure to leave an impression on you every time you take a sip.

With our latest production techniques, we have managed to create a product that retains the good qualities of regular vodka, and yet, feels different.

Here is how you can enjoy Sniffer High Vodka even better:

  • Vodka can be taken both directly, or mixed with some cocktail or water. As popular as “Vodka shots” are, there are many among you that prefer the other way.
  • Among others, mixing Vodka with fruit juices can transform it into a tempting drink. You get the fruity flavours alright, while the alcohol keeps doing its job in the background.

So now that you are familiar, choose the drink of your choice and enjoy it responsibly.



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