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Rubies – The Ultimate Beauty

The word Ruby is derived from the Latin word ‘Rubeus’ which means Red. Rubies are well regarded for their eternal beauty and compelling appearance. Since archaic times, people have marveled over the gorgeousness of the Ruby Gemstone. In addition to its beauty, the charm of the Ruby or Manik stone is not untouched in astrology. According to both Western and Vedic astrology, the Ruby Stone holds great importance and is extensively used as a healing crystal. If you also want to buy a healing crystal, you should consider buying gemstones online from an authentic store. 

Coming to the beauty of the Ruby Stone, it is a precious gemstone belonging to the mineral family corundum. The Ruby Stone comes in a stunning range of red/pink colors, from deep pink to dark red color. In Hindi, this stone is called Manik Ratna. A natural Ruby Stone is worn for both purposes, its mesmerizing beauty, and healing properties. 

Properties of Ruby Stone

Rubies are formed under vigorous pressure and intense heat conditions. This gemstone is formed very deep under the Earth’s surface and is initially​ formed as a colorless layer. Later with the infusion of other elements such as chromium, the red color of the real Ruby Stone is obtained. The composition of different elements in the mineral corundum family reveals different colors which are known as different gemstones.  

  • Color- Deep pink to dark red. This is the most important factor for determining the quality of the Ruby stone. Fall looking into the best quality Ruby stone, three important factors are considered- hue, tonal grade, and saturation level. Hue refers to the depth of the red color and whether or not there are signs of other colors with it. The deeper the red color, the better the quality is of the gemstone. Tone refers to the shade of red, the best Ruby Stone is neither too light nor too dark. Even the Ruby stone is not considered of high quality. Saturation refers to the intensity of the color. The best quality Ruby stone is the one that is obtained from Burma. The Burmese Ruby is found in pigeon blood color with hints of blue color. 

  • Clarity- The clarity of any gemstone is the result of inclusions. The lesser the inclusions, the better the clarity of the gemstone. However, it’s very common to observe minor to heavy inclusions in every gemstone. In the original Manik Ratna too, there are heavy inclusions that are visible to the naked eyes. It is extremely rare to witness a Ruby Stone with no inclusion. 

  • Origin- Rubies are obtained from all around the globe such as Burma, Mozambique, Thailand, Madagascar, Afghanistan, etc. The finest and the superior most quality Ruby stone is mined from Burma in pigeon red color. The Burmese Ruby has brilliant shine and consistency making it the most valuable Ruby Gemstone. 

You should always buy an authentic Ruby Stone that is exclusively bought from a certified gemstone dealer only. You should also follow all the rituals and instructions before wearing any gemstone to activate and purify its healing powers.



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