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Most Affordable Franchises To Invest In 2022

Most Affordable Franchises – One of the few things in common that every Indian share is their love for food. Believe it or not, the Indian food industry is growing, which is why several entrepreneurs are investing in food franchises all across the country. It is a safe bet that comes with many benefits, especially for an entrepreneur who is starting up. Starting a franchise business has lesser risks with maximum benefits because you will be associated with an established and reputed brand.

Check our list of the most affordable franchises in India –

Thanco’s Natural Ice Cream – It is no secret that almost every Indian is a sweet tooth, and ice cream is synonymous with joy for most of us. Ice cream is the most preferred snack during summers in India and Natural’s Ice Cream offers us not 1, not 2, but 125 flavor options. This Indian ice cream brand based out of Mangalore has 135 stores all over the country.

Investment details – 10 to 40 Lakhs

Laziz Pizza – With over 100 outlets in India, Laziz Pizza is a household name today. Laziz Pizza is out here giving strong competition to multinational American restaurant chains like Dominos and Pizza Hut. The Maharashtra-based food chain won several awards over its 15 years journey, including the award for being one of the most promising fast-food chains. It is also one of the cheapest franchises to buy, so ahead and invest in this growing local chain.

Investment details – 5 to 10 Lakhs

Bean here – Bean here is a low investment food franchise in India that has won awards like ‘Best Themed Café’ and ‘Best Stand-Alone Café’. It is a coffee-themed café that has become extremely popular because of its cozy and warm ambiance. The company provides enormous help and support to the franchisee with setting up stores, giving training to the franchisee and its employees, as well as field assistance. The validity of the franchise agreement is 3 years. This is a perfect opportunity for newbie entrepreneurs who are looking for a high return on low investment.

Investment details – 2 to 5 lakhs

Stark Bistro – Cause every superhero needs a break, is the slogan of Stark Bistro, and rightly so. Stark Bistro which is among the cheapest franchises to buy is a Marvel Superheroes themed café. This place makes you feel like you are in the Marvel Universe among your favorite superheroes having your favorite snack. Stark Bistro offers coffee and lots of other beverages and attracts a large base of customers from kids to adult Marvel fans. Stark Bistro for them is not a café, but a feeling.

Investment details – 5 to 10 lakhs

Wow!MOMO – Fried momo, steamed, sizzling momo, deep-fried momo, momo masala in oil, momo tandoori, baked momo in a gratin, moburg, you name it. Wow! Momo has it well. They even have a burger momo, which many people probably have never even heard of. As you can see from the list, this fast-food chain offers a wide range of Tibetan and Nepalese delicacies. They have about 425 outlets across 19 cities in India. One of the fastest-growing fast-food chains in Kolkata, Wow! Momo plans to gain a global foothold. Last year Wow Momo Foods was recognized as the most valued homegrown QSR brand in India with a valuation of ₹1,225 crores.

Investment details – 8 to 20 Lakhs

Tea Junction – Let’s be honest here, days in India start with a cup of tea and end with a cup of tea in the evening along with snacks. Tea is what unites us all. So investing in a tea & beverage chain is safe and with a probability of high return. Be it, youngsters or senior citizens, tea is a common beverage for all. And most people find delight in tasting a wide range of tea that Tea Junction offers like Assam tea, Darjeeling tea, Green tea, and chamomile tea, to name a few. It is a low investment food franchise in India. Tea Junction brings people together through tea and gives them a place to chit-chat and relax.

Investment details – 10 to 20 Lakhs

Domino’s Pizza – This name took the country by storm when it first arrived in India. The 30-minute guarantee, the mouth-watering toppings, and the A-class advertising are what can be mostly contributed to the success of the food chain. Dominos Pizza is a name that is recognized not just here, but globally. Another one of their best selling points is that they always offer coupons and assure quality service. As of 2018, Dominos Pizza had 1,500 stores in India alone. Being associated with an international brand as successful as Dominos Pizza which is also one of the most affordable franchises, could never go wrong.

Investment details – 4 to 5 Lakhs




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