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Wherever we look around we can find posters, with the slogans don’t use plastic, dispose of waste should be appropriate, save the environment, don’t burn plastics, and so on. Why are these posters put on? Why is the need to save the environment? With this fast-paced development, a lot of pollution is created and this, in turn, has become a worry for man’s health. A lot of radiation is emitted from the gadgets we use and this creates a lot of health issues in the citizens. One such condition that has become a threat is cancer. In olden times, it was a rare condition but now one in nine has cancer, this is how the statistics have grown.

Now Lets Now About Cancer

Cancer is an ailment in which the cells in any part of the body proliferates uncontrollably and has the property of metastasis. Cancer is mainly of two categories malignant and benign. In the case of a malignant type of cancer, the cells which grow uncontrollably, spread to other parts of the body. Whereas in case of a benign variety, the cancerous cell doesn’t spread and is less fatal as compared to the malignant type.

According to Ayurveda, cancer is termed as Granthi, whereas in cases of pain and lump formation it is termed as Arbuda. As per Ayurveda this condition happens as vitiated Vayu, Pitta and Kapha affects the mamsa Dhatu and causes formation of cells that form tumors.

Symptoms of Various Cancers

Cancer can occur in any part of the body. Mutation of cells causes it to divide without any control and metastasis occurs. It can be sarcoma; cancer of soft tissues, leukemia; cancer of blood, lymphoma; cancer of lymph, Melanoma; cancer of skin, kidney cancer, throat cancer, thyroid cancer, prostate cancer, cervical cancer, etc.

Symptoms of some kinds of cancers are, in case of skin cancer the symptoms can vary depending on which area it is affected. People may have scaly skins, lump growth, pus formation, etc; In case of stomach cancer, the person may or may not have symptoms, if symptoms occur then it will be vomiting along with blood, pain in abdomen, etc; in case of breast cancer, lump of cells grow in the breast and people can feel the hardness in that region; in case of sarcoma, bone and joints have pain, lump grows in different parts of the body and weight loss occurs; in thyroid cancer, nodules form in the thyroid gland and enlargement of the gland takes place and the hormonal levels of the body gets imbalanced. Mainly in all types the person can see the presence of unusual growth of mass of cells in the body.

Causes of Cancer

Cancer occurs mostly due to mutation of the cells. Genes that are affected and cause cancer formation are proto-oncogenes, DNA repair genes and tumor suppressor genes.
These cells are important for the formation of normal cells and their functioning. But when these cells are mutated then they cannot control the formation of cells and stop the metastatic process.

Other causes of cancer is mostly our day today lifestyle. Having food that has adulterants, eating things which have synthetic components, alcohol consumption, smoking, and can also occur as a result of associated diseases.

Preventive Measures

Preventive measures are simple its just that you need to follow certain things like avoiding processed foods as it contains preservatives and chemicals to increase its shelf life, having home made food to the maximum as food made at home will be made with the view of health of the individuals, doing exercise daily and keeping the body fit, avoiding caffeine content drinks, by quitting smoking, avoiding alcohol consumption, etc. These chemicals elicit the multiplication of cells. These chemicals can’t be metabolized and sometimes it is not excreted out as a result accumulation of these takes place and leads to cancer.

Use of Cow’s Urine in Cancer Treatment

Ayurveda is a holistic science which deals with diseases differently for each individual in a different way, as it believes that every individual is composed of a different composition of doshas and therefore treatment for every disease will be based on which dosha is dominant.

Cancer is a condition that scares people but with technology analysis is done to cure and find medicines that can destroy cancer cells. In such research it was found out that gomutra, that is cow urine, has the property to destroy cancerous cells. Cow urine has antibiotic and antifungal properties. Gomutra has no toxic waste in it and can be used to treat many diseases, because of it, it is also called sanjivini or marital. It is used along with herbal plants to cure cancer. Gomutra is a bio enhancer, it enhances the properties of the drug used along with it. It possesses minerals and many compounds which helps in maintaining a good health.

It enhances the immunity of the body and a good immune system helps to prevent the manifestation of any disease in the body. The antimicrobial property of the gomutra is due to the presence of urea, creatinine, etc in it. The evidence that it cures cancer is believed from the fact that it has allantoin and antioxidants of uric acid which have the property to destroy cancerous cells. And Allantoin promotes healing of wounds. It has anti- toxic properties as a result, it cures poisoning and also can be used for the purification of certain materials like datura etc.

Gomutra finds a lot of medicinal use and with the help of Ayurvedic principles and medicinal therapy its properties are enhanced. Cow urine acts as a magical potion and is good for treating cancer in a way the person will not have to bear with the side effects. So know the level at which the cancer is and take appropriate treatments and if it is at initial stages, its therapy can be done with Gomutra. So know more about and take appropriate measures to stay healthy. In case of any query kindly visit For more queries, you can send your queries to our email id



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