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Online event planning can be defined as the process of realizing and conceptualizing an online event. Online event planning can be done for events such as conferences, tradeshows, exhibitions, meetings and conventions. While managing a virtual event, a different skill set is required compared to a regular event planner, beginning from broadcasting and filming to dealing with the ever-changing technology and framing the scripts. 

What is a DIY virtual event platform?

A DIY virtual event platform lets you have the complete hold of your event at your fingertips. It offers a wide range of customizable features to the users to make their event engaging and realistic. The whole user interface can be customized to both the host’s and the attendee’s convenience, and a good background can be created to attract the audience. One such online event platform is Mixhubb. You can customize your event entirely using various features such as walkthroughs, a customizable lobby showcasing various brands, an auditorium, virtual booths and a stage. 

Some of the required skills for an online event planner are: 



Visualizing an event that will take place in the future is a skill that is already present in an online event planner. This skill can be further utilized for virtual production. The event organizers should understand that all the content they want to deliver might not be capable of getting delivered online. This will help them gain an edge over their competitors. 


Speaker Management 

It is a comparatively newer skill for event planners; however, it is essential when discussing online event planning. Under normal circumstances, a speaker can lead the event just after an event planner briefs them. However, things do not go as planned all the time, and there can be some major roadblocks or problems. Some examples of these problems can be ignorance of the audience, speaking over the allotted time and many more. That is, directing the speakers correctly is of high importance. To make this happen, there should be proper rehearsals with the speakers. Also, their presentation abilities are to be checked, their sound quality, how they look on camera, everything has to be considered. 


 Skills of Networking and communication

This is the kind of skill that is essential not just for an online event planner but for all sorts of event planners. Every organized event should be taken as an opportunity to market a business. An event planner should never forget to make connections at events like these and obtain as many contacts as possible. The importance of good communication skills, organizing skills, and planning is quite high. Planners can wear a warm smile while reaching their clients and asking for referrals, a powerful tool for acquiring new clients. 


Social media management 

For an already connected audience, social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are wonderful options for marketing a virtual event. An online event planner should consider what lies ahead of the initial launch and what more can be derived from social media platforms. Virtual events should be hosted in a closed environment, all the critical happenings should be condensed, and people should be made aware of them. People might join right away or later with a little persuasion. We can say that social media is the cheapest and the quickest way to get a word about your event outside. 



User Experience (UX) 

A 3D Virtual Event Platform is something that online event planners can use while providing the event’s best experience and hands on feel to the attendees. The term UX may sound technical, but when we talk about an event to be hosted in the virtual format, it holds a great deal of significance. For example, if someone visits a place for an event and finds that the place is full of furniture and is very dull, it will not provide a memorable or pleasant experience for the visitor. This is what will happen if the UX or the user experience is not good at a virtual event. Though learning UX cannot be achieved in a day’s work, it is an investment worth making. 


Creating content and producing videos 

 When a large-scale event takes place, big organizations do not handle the branding and designing themselves; instead, they provide this task to a professional to handle this task for them. The professional indeed has to be informed about what kind of advertisements are needed, the kind of graphics the organization desires etc. 

The production of a video is one of the necessary skills that an online event planner should have. 



Creativity is a skill that helps an event planner innovate and helps them make an event interesting, and it is a skill that brings an event planner’s vision to life. Online event planning is so much more than a usual to-do list. Creativity is a skill that one can master in a while. At times, event planners might find less space for creativity in an event; however, there is always some room that can be utilized, and events can be made better by doing things differently. Some examples that can relate to this are choosing a different speaker or decorating the venue on a decided theme etc. Creative ideas are available everywhere, and an organizer can even take inspiration from physical surroundings or social media like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.  



A particular skill set is needed when an event planner is trying to execute an event virtually. There will be skills that some event planners already have, and there will be skills that they will need to acquire. After the global pandemic wave, virtual events have boosted rapidly, and organizations want nothing less than a perfect virtual experience.



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