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Indian Marble and Its Outdoor Architectural Applications

Smooth surface, sophisticated look, and elegant designs are what make up Indian marbles. It is one of the regal choices for indoor architectural applications. Despite its many features such as strength and durability, many architects do not support the idea of using Indian marble for outdoor applications. But an iconic structure such as the Taj Mahal is built from this and has remained undeterred for the past years. The exporters of natural stones such as the granite exporters in Gujarat have always promoted the use of marble for architectural purposes that fit both indoors and outdoors. 

Let’s find out more about the choices of marbles and how they are used in outdoor architectural applications.


Marble has the property of being climate resistant and durable enough to withstand the harsh elements of nature. In fact, it is porous and soft while having a hardness of 3 on the Mohs scale. With regular maintenance, it is possible to keep any outdoor marble architecture intact for centuries. 


What kind of marble is best for the outdoors?

As it is a soft natural stone, it is possible to shape marble into any sculpture. However, this feature also makes it heavily prone to scratching. This is why matte or rough surfaces are the best for outdoors. Polished surfaces make it difficult to walk and even dangerous due to very less friction. A sealer should be used on marbles regularly to make them stay longer in shape and look and get faded. 


Popular outdoor applications


Marble driveway or walkway

Marble understandably is a more expensive paving option than the other landscaping choices. However, its resilience allows the architects to outlast the other possible choices. So, even though it might seem expensive at first, it is a cost-effective option in the long run. A skillfully designed marble driveway can go on for generations with regular maintenance. Given its features and aesthetic, it can spruce up the overall value of any property. Additionally, marble tiles are ecologically a better choice than many other stones. If they are not exposed to too much harsh climate or conditions, they will remain a lifetime creation. 



Given its attractiveness, architects and builders love using this for homes and outdoor landscaping. Since the patio is the first thing that your visitors will notice, it is important that you have an elegant look at the entrance. The beauty and functionality of the marble are definitely something that cannot be overlooked; therefore, installing these stones can significantly expand and enhance the look of the partying or living room. 


Marble fountains

It is a very common sight yet is a regal installation that is often found in apartments, offices, parks and more. As marble can be carved into different structures, it creating a fountain with intricate designs is also not difficult. As this stone is quite soft in comparison to the other natural stones, it is easy embellishing the fountain or for that matter any unique landscaping structure made of marble. Being durable in structure, they can withstand the variations in climatic conditions as well. 


Outdoor furniture

There has been a rise in the demand for patio marble furniture –  in both home and corporate settings. One of the biggest reasons for this is the adaptability. A skillful artican can create a marble style for any taste –  minimalist or bohemian. With added colourful mosaics and interesting patterns, you can make a piece of art that complements the rest of the style of the place.



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