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Futuristic Geometric-Patterned Facades with Aludecor ACP Sheets

Geometric patterns on facades are trending and are eye-catching. When applied in a well-balanced way, these patterns can be both visually effective and very adaptable. These patterns can bring any structure to life while adding beauty and grace. The futuristic geometrically formed facades are absolutely possible with Aludecor Aluminium Composite Panels, commonly termed ACP sheets.

Let’s discuss a few geometric shapes that Aludecor’s ACP panels can readily achieve.

  1. Uneven lines and curves give buildings a stunning appearance and help them stand out from their surroundings. The use of Aludecor’s Pastel shade ACP panels in a minimalist combination can provide the facade with a refined yet straightforward character.


  1. Classic geometric tile pattern is a traditional favourite when designing the wall panelling or headboards. Choose from a fantastic mix of bright, pastel and metallic shades by Aludecor aluminium composite sheets to design your dream space. Either keep your walls minimalist without furnishing the room with heavy furniture or use earthy tones of the furnishings to bring a sense of cosiness to the room.


  1. Abstract patterns are trending these days. These patterns are usually visual symbols of abstract ideas, art forms or simplified versions of natural shapes. Some of them are stylised with small details or hints of what they are. Abstract shapes often have both direct and figurative meanings and effectively transfer a message or idea quickly. Aludecor’s nature-inspired ACP sheets are ideal for wall claddings with these patterns. Aludecor Timber (wooden ACP sheet), Sand, Rustic, and 3D-finish ACP panels will be a perfect choice.


Metal Composite Panels can be utilised on a variety of structures, including high-rise commercial buildings, as well as the interiors of houses and bungalows. When applied to the façade, some of the qualities of Aludecor ACPs, such as unparalleled flatness, smooth finish, lightweight, and no crack risk, make the building look magnificent and eye-catching.

Furthermore, because of the flexibility of ACP sheets, one may readily accomplish the 3D effect of the façade!

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