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Financial analysis is the process of examining financial data in order to make business decisions. This type of research usually entails looking at past and future profitability, cash flows, and risk. Financial analysis, when done internally, can assist fund managers in making future company decisions or reviewing historical trends for prior successes. Financial analysis, when done externally, can assist investors in selecting the finest potential investment possibilities.

The two basic types of financial analysis are fundamental analysis and technical analysis.

Fundamental analysis determines a security’s fundamental worth by analysing ratios and financial statement data.

Technical analysis implies that the price of an asset already determines its value, and instead focuses on patterns in value over time.

Financial analysis is used to assess economic trends, formulate financial policy, develop long-term company goals, and find potential investment projects or firms. This is accomplished by combining financial numbers and data. A financial analyst will look at a company’s financial accounts, including the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement, in detail. Both corporate finance and investment finance can benefit from financial analysis.

Calculating ratios from the data in the financial statements to compare to those of other companies or the company’s own past performance is one of the most frequent techniques to examine financial data.

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