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Bond Cleaning Perth

A bond cleaning is the thorough cleaning of your house at the end of your rental agreement to reinstate your home to its previous condition just as before you entered the property. If your house is found to have any damage, dirt, dust, or is un-cleaned, your landowner or the property dealer might stop the entire bond money or deduct a certain amount. Thus, it is crucial to have your property properly cleaned and tidy to receive your full deposited money. For this, you can always go for a trusted service for Bond Cleaning in Perth.

Moving out of a house includes packing, organising, and handling work and family, among other strenuous jobs. At such times, to clean your home is the last thing you would like to do. It is better to hire a cleaning service in Perth, Western Australia, instead of trying to clean your property on your own and risking the entire deposited money. But before you go for such things, or if you are new to these terms, let us explain the process step by step.

The Need for Bond Cleaning

Before you enter your new home, a lease is created, and with it, you need to deposit a certain amount of money as a security. This is the bond money that will be returned to you at the end of your lease if your house is found just as it was when you entered it. So before your tenancy ends, you need to clean the entire property so that it is all set for the inspection.

At the end of your tenancy, your landowner or agent will come for inspection and compare the condition to its previous state. If he finds everything clean and tidy with no damages, he will return you your deposited money, or else you risk losing it. Thus, a renter needs to clean his house properly, and it would be best to hire some trusted service provider for doing so. The need for bond cleaning in Perth is to have your house deep cleaned to get the entire security deposit back.

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The Services Offered In Bond Cleaning

Bond cleaning includes most of the essential services required to make your house look clean and sparkling. As the name suggests, this is done primarily to ensure you get all your money back at the end of your rental agreement. The services that are included in it are as follows:

  1. The windows, window sills, and window tracks are deep cleaned inside and outside.


  1. The carpets are deep cleaned.


  1. Any dust from walls, doors, ceilings, or skirting boards is removed.


  1. The interior and the exterior of cupboards, wardrobes, and drawers are wiped down.


  1. Curtains and blinds are wiped down or, if needed, washed adequately.


  1. Dust is removed and cleaned from exhaust fans and ceiling fans.


  1. Cobwebs and other insects from the light fitting are removed and cleaned properly.


  1. Gardens are mowed, tidied, and cleaned by removing all debris and waste.


  1. If there is any swimming pool, it is also cleaned.


  1. Floors are vacuumed, washed, and mopped.


  1. The grease is removed from the oven, and it is cleaned thoroughly along with the range hood filter and exhaust.


  1. Any stain marks from the surfaces of the house are removed.


  1. The bathroom is deep-cleaned, which includes showers, taps, toilet, bath, sink, and removal of any soap residue or moulds.


Bond Cleaning Cost in Perth


Every household has different requirements, and the area also differs significantly. Some houses might have swimming pools and gardens, some might not. Some might need more attention in the kitchen while some would need more attention elsewhere. Thus it would be best to customize your package according to your requirement. You can contact us for the Bond Cleaning Cost in Perth. Our company offers affordable services for bond cleaning in Perth, Western Australia, with no hidden prices.

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