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Aluminium Casement Door – Are They The Better Choice?

Aluminium has found its utilization in a variety of ways in modern architecture, which has benefitted clients and builders alike. Now keeping the commercial stuff away, how good are these really for a modern homeowner?

Well as it turns out, there are quite a few reasons why you’d want to opt for an aluminium casement door instead of regular wooden ones. These include both short and long term advantages, which either way are great for any buyer.

But before you install any aluminium fenestration product, it is important to choose the right vendor since any advantage that they offer is dependent on the quality. And as long as you get this right, you will enjoy the following benefits.

Multiple Kinds

One of the great things about an aluminium casement door is that there are varied kinds of it. For example, there are the sliding ones, top hung ones, 2/3 track options and so on. And if you’re interested, the type that works like old school wooden doors are available as well.


And along with the different types come customizations, so that the doors match the overall theme or colours of your home. Now you won’t find any carvings or artwork on these like wooden doors have, but the right paint can make them look almost indistinguishable.

And the customizations don’t stop here, since you get the choice of glass, handle types, and much more to choose from when getting an aluminium casement door.


When considering any aluminium fenestration, you’ll never have to worry about your budget since these are quite cost-effective. And when you consider the pros that they bring at their rate and compare it to doors made from other materials, you’ll find that these are all the more worth it.

You can get the approximate cost of an aluminium door along with the aluminium casement stays and other things needed, by consulting with the right manufacturer.

Highly Durable

One of the reasons why you’d want to replace your old doors and get new ones made from aluminium is because these are extremely durable. Not only can they withstand rain, rust and other such elements with proper coating, but the chances of scratches are also low.

And unlike wood, you wouldn’t have to worry about dust dirt, termites and all that stuff either.


And owing to its durability, analuminium casement dooris also easy to maintain. So, get the door installed and you’ll find the same colour and quality of it is still maintained after yearsas well as the aluminium casement stays, even without much effort on your end.

Choosing Aluminium Fenestration is The Right Decision

With so many manufacturers and vendors offering aluminium casement doors, as a buyer, you mustn’t make an imprecise choice.

However, when a manufacturer like AGV System is in the market, much of your worries can be put to rest. Our products are as reliable as our promises, with over 30 years of experience in the industry speaking for us.



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