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Aadhaar Data Vault: Things You Didn’t Know

Aadhaar is a 12-digit, verifiable identification number given to an Indian resident by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). The security and confidentiality of the data gathered in relation to Aadhaar must be ensured by the UIDAI. “Protection of the individual, and the safeguarding of their information is inherent in the design of the UID project,” the UIDAI website states. 

However, it is also our responsibility to ensure that our Aadhaar details do not end up in the wrong hands due to our negligence.  

Is your Aadhaar Data Safe? 

To improve data security measures when it comes to personal user information like Aadhaar, UIDAI is collaborating closely with all user agencies. To protect your data, UIDAI uses advanced security technologies, which it is constantly updating to address new security threats and challenges. 

To secure Aadhaar Data UIDAI has mandated the use of Adhaar Data Vault to securely store Adhar Data 

All individuals who store Aadhaar Numbers must do so in a separate and secure database “Aadhaar Data Vault” where the Aadhaar Numbers are masked using reference keys. The Aadhaar Data Vault is a secure system within the infrastructure of the person collecting the Aadhaar Numbers that provides centralized storage for all Aadhaar Numbers. The Aadhaar Data Vault seeks to reduce the footprint of Aadhaar Numbers within the organization’s systems, as well as the risk of unauthorized access, in addition to keeping Aadhaar Numbers secure. 

The individual responsible for gathering the Aadhaar data makes the choice regarding the technology to be used for the Aadhaar Data Vault. Even though the UIDAI has specified a few technological requirements that may be used to guarantee the security of the Aadhaar Data Vault, it has generally permitted adoption of the best practices used by the industry to secure the Aadhaar Numbers in the Aadhaar Data Vault. 

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Who needs to use Aadhaar Data Vault? 

It is a requirement for all organizations that store Aadhaar numbers to establish an Aadhaar data vault. These organizations could be AUAs, KUAs, or Sub-AUAs. They might be a company that keeps Aadhaar numbers on file for internal identification needs like managing attendance or connecting to PF, among others. Aadhaar Data Vault must be implemented by all organizations that keep Aadhaar numbers in a structured and electronic format, such as a database. 

What data should be kept in the Aadhaar Data Vault? 

Only the Aadhaar number(s) and any data file (such as UIDAI Response XML, Signed PDF, etc.) containing the Aadhaar number(s) that you received from UIDAI in response to your e-KYC must be kept inside the Aadhaar Data Vault. 

Is the Hardware Security Module (HSM) implementation and integration with the Aadhaar Data Vault required? 

Yes. An HSM must be required to be integrated with the Aadhaar Data Vault, according to the UIDAI circular. 

How We Can Help You Secure Your Data? 

To implement Aadhaar Data Vault in an organization, CryptoBind Aadhaar Data Vault is the complete software package required. The Aadhaar Data Vault solution, created by JISA in response to the challenges and taking into account the security guidelines addressed by UIDAI, will make it simple for AUA/KUA/Sub AUA or any other authority for specific purposes under the Aadhaar Act to implement an encrypted Aadhaar Data Vault for the safe storage of Aadhaar number and eKYC data. It exhibits a SOAP/REST API for directly and securely storing Aadhaar numbers and connected Aadhaar data in an Aadhaar Data Vault under UIDAI managed encryption. The package supports database encryption for data protection with HSM integration. 

We are a cryptography-focused information technology company based in India. We offer cryptographic solutions to financial institutions, manufacturers, enterprises and government agencies. Our primary product lines have included industry-compliant Hardware Security Modules, Key Management Solutions, Tokenization, Encryption, Aadhaar Data Vault, and Authentication solutions. All our Cryptographic solutions are sold under the brand name CryptoBind. Our innovative solutions have been adopted by businesses across the country to handle mission-critical data security and data protection needs. 

To Know more about Aadhaar Data Vault Contact us: 




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